Cornell Militaru 
Actor / Musician / Model

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To say Cornell has had a passion for music and entertainment since childhood is an understatement. His first attempt at producing music was hitting the couch with wooden spoons at the tender age of eight months, later graduating to his first CB set, then subsequently TAMA, and finally Ludwig. His first brush with acting occurred in 2005, having bit parts in the indie movies, Love in the Age of Fishsticks and The Patriot. Later in 2007, attended his first acting class in Belmont California. He aggressively began to pursue his acting career in July 2012, teaming up with directors and producers to star and co-star in primarily Independent Films. Meanwhile cultivating his craft daily by shooting candid improv footage of himself and fellow actors. Engineering his own acting leads by tenaciously building rapport with industry professionals ensuring a steady flow of work in his pipeline is his paramount priority. Cornell was born on December 29th, 1987 in Queens, NY, relocating to the Bay Area at the age of four.


Cornell Militaru


[email protected]


-Height 5'11

-Weight 220

-Hair Brown

-Eyes Brown

-Body Athletic

-Age Range 18-33


The Last Moments Of Joe (Lead) 2015 (Short Film)

Dead End 3  Carl The Camerman (Supporting) 2015 (Feature)

The Silence Between Words Boxer/Voice over (Lead) 2014 (Short Film)

Company Man Conrad (Lead) 2014 (Short Film)

Home Sweet Home Police Officer 1 (Supporting) 2014 (Short Film)

Sneaking Into Heaven Marvin (Lead) 2013 (Short Film)

Fight For Your Life Teen Boxer’s Corner Man (Supporting) 2013 (Feature) 

Defending Santa Bartender (Extra) 2013 (Feature)

Off The Record Riot Scene (Extra) 2013 (Short Film)

Found Footage Andrew (Lead) 2013 (Short Film)

The Law Popeye (Supporting) 2013 (Feature)

Almost Forever The Perpetrator (Supporting) 2013 (Short Film)

Deja Vous Christopher (Lead Speaking) 2013 (Short Film)

Dragon Medal Brady/Masked Fighter (Supporting) 2013 (Feature)

Passing Time Boardwalk Extra 2013 (Short Film)

The Wait Prosecutor’s Son (Extra) 2012 (Short Film)

Apartment 13 Crazy Russian (Supporting Speaking) 2012 (Feature)

Keep It Simple Stupid Cop 1 (Supporting Speaking) 2012 (Feature)

Blind Date Ben (Lead Speaking) 2012 (Short Film)

Love In The Age Of Fishsticks Speed Dater (Extra) 2005 (Feature)

The Patriot Student (Extra) 2005 (Feature)


Rejected Manager (Supporting) 2013 (Series)

Disavowed Agent Wes Lewis (Supporting) 2013 (Web Series) 


My Strange Criminal Addiction Episode 106 Discovery ID (Extra) 2014 (Television)

Sex Sent Me To The Slammer  Episode 101  Discovery ID (Featured Extra) 2014 (Television)


Shrouded Tales Tour Horry Meek 2012 (Reenactment)

A Streetcar Named Desire Stanley 2006 (Live Performance) 


-Musical - Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Rapping, Singing

-Athletic - arm wrestling, swimming, boxing, weight lifting, soccer, tennis, golfing, ultimate frisbee, football, baseball, running

-Languages - Romanian, English

-Professional Qualifications - Class A License (CDL), Heavy Equipment Certified

-Miscellaneous - Warehouse worker, construction, power tools, labor worker, mover, waiter, busser, bouncer, security guard, host, bartender, improv, skateboard/long boarding, off-road biking, darts, bowling, pool, fishing, shooting, photography, personal trainer CPR Certified

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